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How to Ensure a Healthy Dogs Weight and Ways of Doing it
Avoiding the innocent face of a puppy that wants to have a bite of your sumptuous dish can be pretty hard. However, feeding a dog on table food is one of the major factors that will lead to it adding excess weight. While it is not all about having the best body size, there are more crucial reasons why you need to check on its weight. In this article, you will learn how to ensure a healthy weight in your dog and tips to follow.
The first thing is to make sure that your dog is active enough. People carrying excess body weight often find it hard to exercise and do various activities and so are dogs. When a pet becomes too fat, it will definitely have a difficult time to do certain activities like climbing onto a coach or family car for fun. A dog carrying too much weight will find it daunting to run around, go for a walk and do other activities to improve on their energy and overall health. They need frequent exercise to maintain their body weight and healthy and this may not be easy for them if they have already gained too much of unwanted weight. A fat dog is highly susceptible to conditions like heart failure and diabetes.
There are quite a number of diseases in dogs that come with overweight. One is diabetes. It is among the health problems that a overweight dog is likely to suffer from. If your dog suffering from diabetes mellitus, it means that the body will need more insulin.
Another health complication that your dog is most likely to suffer from due to excess weight is difficulty in breathing. Various body organs may not function properly including the lungs. The functions of the lungs will be greatly affected if there are excess tissues and fats around it. They will eventually constrict and thereby making your dog to breathe with difficulties or even play and rest.
Another health complication that your overweight dog is likely to suffer from is heart disease. It is usually caused by high blood pressure since the heart will be overworking ti pump enough blood into the body tissues when there is excess weight. This can in turn cause congestive heart failure. Excess weight in dogs can also cause digestive system complications. Any problem in the proper functioning of the system would lead to constipation.
With the knowledge about the reasons why it is essential to know the ways of ensuring this. The first step is to ensure that your dog is always active and avoid feeding it on table food. Instead, choose the most suitable dog food for their breed and size and since choosing the right one can be quite tricky, you will need to talk to veterinarian for proper advice.