3 Tips for Making a Life Change

Change, while often a little scary, is an important part of life. If day in and day out it seems like the same routine occurs over and over without any excitement, it’s time for a change. If the past seems so much more appealing than the present, or even the future, it’s time for a life change. But making a real change is easier said than done. Consider these three tips for mixing things up in your own life.

Make a List

Nothing sounds more routine and boring than making a list. But in reality, it offers a great starting point for change. It provides some focus and allows a person to see exactly what it is that needs to be different. Often, the list will reveal that there are several different things that need to be changed in one area of a person’s life. Other times it may show that one change will affect multiple other changes. For example, adding exercise to a daily routine may help create more energy, help with weight loss, and an overall better attitude throughout the day.

Start Small

Don’t decide that everything needs to change today. Start out small and decide which of the changes is most important. Sometimes, when one goal is accomplished, it gives a person the energy and incentive to keep making more changes. A change can be as simple as trying something new. After trying a new food, activity, or experience, many people feel energized and what to try something else. A small change opens the door for other changes to happen.

Keep Going

But don’t settle for a just small change. Let it be the turning point for a larger transformation. This is a great reason to have a list. With a small change handled, mark it off the list and move onto something else. It can be tempting to be content with one or two smaller changes. But in reality, it helps to keep pressing forward, creating distance from a life that lacks joy. How can you know if you need a big life change? Check out several signs that you can keep an eye out for here: http://www.raechic.com/5-signs-you-need-a-big-life-change/.